Developer Supergiant Games isn’t shy about bucking trends and mixing things up when it comes to their projects. Their first two action RPG’s Bastion and Transistor both demonstrated the team’s commitment to rich atmospheric presentation and storytelling. So when they announced that their third game would be a party-based RPG involving 3v3 sports-like competitions, players were curiously optimistic. Sadly, anyone hoping to sneak a peek at Pyre next week at E3 is going to be disappointed.

The Supergiant blog revealed last month that the game would be releasing simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and Steam on July 25, 2017. The game’s soundtrack will also be available at launch. It offers 90 minutes of Darren Korb’s award winning music and vocals from Ashley Barrett.

With it’s release date fast approaching we were hoping to see Pyre make an appearance at E3, but Supergiant had other ideas. In a Twitter exchange, the studio confirmed that the game would not be making an E3 appearance so near its launch. “We’re so close to being finished with development that we’re going to focus on that.”

Developing Beyond The Comfort Zone

It’s an understandable sentiment. Supergiant has said that Pyre is their biggest-ever single player campaign. The addition of a local versus mode also serves to create a highly repayable experience.

Pyre puts players in charge of a group of exiles journeying across a mystical purgatory. To earn their freedom they must compete in ancient competitions spread across the vast landscape. As usual for the developer, the game is marked by beautiful hand-painted artwork and a highly evocative musical score.

Players have waited 3 years since the release of Transistor for the next game from Supergiant. One more month won’t be enough to temper their enthusiasm.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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