E3 press conferences are usually kinda terrible. There are always great games, sure. But all the bits in-between of corporate executives trying to look cool, and socially awkward developers mumbling about their game really sucks. Good thing Devolver Digital showed the industry how to do a conference in the future.

What is this even? It’s a 15 minute long spoof of an E3 conference, and no games are announced. There was a lot of blood though, a whole lot of blood. Best of all, Devolver even hinted at this hours ahead of time.

This is how more E3 conferences need to be done. Well, maybe not exactly like this. Instead, more E3 shows should be full of fun and comedy. Not the dry, “look how cool I am” stuff we’ve already seen far too often lately. Last year Nintendo blew everyone out of the water with Muppets, and years ago Sony brought in their fake executive Kevin Butler to present the show, but those are the exceptions to the rule.

Actually, no, this is a terrible thing come to think of it. Now companies are going to try and rip-off this show without understand what makes it funny. Can you imagine Phil Spencer bro-ing it up on stage next year and randomly cutting his hand off because “lol so random!” EA’s going to have to program one of their drones to start screaming while they announce their new Madden. Ubisoft will disembowel someone from the audience and ask their family to pre-order the body now to get an iconic coffin.

What hath Devolver wrought?

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

Executive Editor
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Josh Griffiths