Beethoven & Dinosaur’s surreal, narrative-driven action/adventure platformer, first showed up on our radars when we only covered crowdfunded games. Saddled with the ponderous title, The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti, the game’s Kickstarter campaign failed to reach it’s AU$ 50,000 goal.

Undaunted, the devs kept at it, insisting that they had a “plan B all the way through plan Z” to complete the project. An early build of the game debut at Pax Melbourne last November. Now at E3, Microsoft has revealed that the truncately titled, The Artful Escape, will have a console exclusive release on Xbox One.

Launched in Spring of 2016, the game’s Kickstarter campaign promised cosmic wandering, music-sampling, and platforming. All set against a psychedelic reactionary landscape of imagination. The game’s music is intricately woven into gameplay, driving both story and movement. In short, it looked pretty crazy and to its credit, it still does.

Be Someone Else To Find Yourself

The Artful Escape follows teenage guitar prodigy, Francis Vendetti on the eve of his first performance. Known as the nephew of folk legend, Johnson Vendetti, Francis sets off to create a name and stage persona of his own. What follows is an adventure down the hallucinogen fueled, multidimensional roadway of Francis’ own imagination.

The game was picked up by publisher Annapurna Interactive prior to its grand E3 re-reveal. This will be Beethoven & Dinosaur’s debut title.

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