Sundered is almost ready to launch. Developer, Thunder Lotus Games decided to use their E3 presence to remind players why they’ve been looking forward to it. A new E3 teaser video gave fans their first look at the epic final boss they will face in the hand-drawn metroidvania.

The video shows off the game’s fourth and final boss, Nyarlathotep. He calls out to Sundered’s heroine, Eshe while emerging from a strange portal. The behemoth creature absolutely dwarfs Eshe, putting the scale of the conflict into perspective. Eshe’s survival clearly hinges on the outcome of this final battle.

Of course, the player’s previous choices will have a crucial impact on how this final confrontation plays out. The game focuses on Eshe’s decision to either embrace or resist the corrupting influence of ancient eldritch powers. Sundered features multiple endings depending  on the influence these powers hold over Eshe at the conclusion of her journey.

All Good Things Come To An End

“With the game into the home stretch of production, […] it’s tremendously satisfying to see it all coming together so beautifully now,” the game’s Creative Director, Will Dubé said.

Thunder Lotus raised over CA$ 200,100 with their Kickstarter campaign for Sundered at the start of the year. While the campaign didn’t offer any stretch goals, the developers were so blown-away by the support the project received that they announced all backers would receive future Sundered DLC free of charge. The devs will release additional information about DLC content following the game’s July launch.

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