What is horror? A miserable pile of secrets? Baby don’t hurt me? How’d girl get pregnant?

For 25 years I’ve walked or crawled on Earth, and in all that time, I never once learned the answer to that question. Donald Trump’s presidency has given me a  thorough crash-course on the subject, but I still don’t understand why people seem to like such a thing in entertainment form.

Jump, Jump Around

I’ve never really understand the desire to want to be scared. It’s rarer still that such ever happens when I do partake in spooky movies or video games – most of the time I’m just bored. As far as I can tell, every piece of horror entertainment follows the same formula: there are some stupid people, a monster shows up, kills some of the stupid people, the surviving stupid people run, somebody screams, the monster dies, the end.

I’m sure there are plenty of games, movies, books, and comic books that break away from that formula, but I’ve yet to experience them. Maybe it’s because I don’t go looking; most of us don’t tend to look for things that bore them to tears.

So when I came up with the idea of doing a video of the ten best indie horror games of 2017, my original idea was to make it a 30 second video with nothing in it. Then Cliqist Editor-in-Chief and spooky, scary skeleton Greg Micek told me I couldn’t do that. So I turned to Cliqist’s resident horror expert and moonlighting jack-o-lantern Joanna Mueller to write it for me.

You can watch the video above in all its horrific glory. Did Joanna forget any games? Are all those games terrible and she just wanted to make me look bad? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe to Cliqist’s YouTube channel if you haven’t already.

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