Game nostalgia comes in many forms, but the predominate one seems to be low-bit count pixel graphics. Maybe, just maybe, there is another way to harness nostalgia for a bygone era without giving up on style. Enter Blue Omen Operation, a 2D action combat RPG that skips the pixels and instead hearkens back to the look and feel of an old school anime adventure.

Classic Anime Adventure: The Game

The game features a distinct art style reminiscent of a Gurren Lagann episode. The protagonists are over-the-top cool with a timing and reflex based battle system where button-mashing won’t save you. The project’s Kickstarter campaign hit its funding goal in less than 12 hours and has steadily been knocking out stretch goals ever since. The devs have credited their enthusiastic community for the quick funding.

“So we made the funding goal! That is truly amazing. So awesome to see people enjoy the game we having been working our buns off, for over a year. All the fan-art, the videos, and the streams, just everything in between has been awesome! We couldn’t ask for better fans of the game!”

Okay, so what the heck even is Blue Omen Operation? The story follows a quintessential greaser named Jiro and his mangus partner-in-crime, Yagiko. The two travel across a bizarrely re-imagined version of earth collecting Soul Lamps. These treasures from another dimension house the souls of powerful and restless spirits. Oh, Jiro also has superpowers because he’s been infected by an otherworldly parasite. So, basically Blue Omen Operation is the plot of every 80’s anime rolled up into one incredible story.

Despite a definite slant towards RPG elements, the game’s combat doesn’t slack off in the least. Blue Omen Operation allows players to dodge and parry enemy attacks, but they can also unleash mini-game fueled skills. These power a variety of devastating attacks, buff, and debuffs. This keeps combat fun and engaging rather than just being a distraction from the story.

If for some reason you still aren’t convinced, there is a demo available as well. Overall, Blue Omen Operation is a quirky and fun project that has seen ample community support and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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