A Hat in Time, the Kickstarter-funded 3D platformer that succeeds in every department where Yooka-Laylee failed, finally got itself a console release date. Released earlier this year in October on PC, the game received good reviews and has grown a cult following, and now players of the PS4 and Xbox One will have a chance to experience this delightful game for themselves.

2017 has been a rough year for 3D platformers. Yooka-Laylee, the supposed savior of the genre by the people who pioneered it, crashed and burned. Its stunning failure seemingly took the hopes fans with it, yet luckily the genre has experienced a boon this year, with games such as Super Mario Odyssey, Snake Pass, and Unbox. A Hat in Time finds itself fitting in right at home on that list, and now more players than ever will have a chance to play it.

In a short Kickstarter update posted on Cyber Monday, developer Gears for Breakfast announced December 6, 2017 would see the release of their 3D platformer on consoles, worldwide. Backers were previously given the chance to change their PC reward to either the PS4 or Xbox One version, and those backers will receive their digital keys on launch day.

The update did not mention the Nintendo Switch version, as Gears for Breakfast only just received their developer kits for the console a month before the PC release. This gave the developer no time to work on the port, as they were instead focusing on finishing the game, bug fixes, patches, and the PS4 and Xbox One versions first. There will be a Switch version however, though a release date has not yet been given.

The news of a console version of A Hat in Time comes only months after the acquisition of Humble Bundle, the game’s publisher, but the gaming publication IGN. Humble Bundle, which before becoming a publisher was always been exclusively a PC retailer, will now have its hands full dealing with console versions of games, as well as accusations of biases when it comes to coverage on IGN.

We’ll let you know how the console version of the game stacks up when we review it not long after its release.

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