Inkle Studios’ 80 Days is one of the few games I would all perfect. What is a perfect game? It’s easy to say there is no such thing. But I think a game can be considered perfect it flawlessly executes on its vision as a whole, even if the individual elements aren’t quite so spotless. 80 Days doesn’t even suffer from that, however.

A Perfect Experience

80 Days is such a finely tuned machine of a game that even on a microscopic level, it’s a perfect experience. It’s so well constructed that it’s hard to know where to even begin. Do you start with how it’s based on a classic literary work, or do you ignore it because it surpasses its source material? Maybe start by saying it’s a visual novel, but that it so thoroughly innovates the genre it’s practically in a league of its own? Perhaps the only place to start is the enthralling writing, emphasis on player choice that actually matters, or the way the game perfectly marries story and gameplay.

You surely can’t talk about 80 Days without mentioning its story. Or maybe its gameplay, for that matter. It’s hard to separate the two, as Inkle Studios has done a phenomenal job of weaving together the story and gameplay in a way no many games have done before, at least not to this degree.

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