Jump has unveiled a list of their new games for January, along with an extension on their holiday membership discount. In a post to Invision Community, it was revealed the recently launched on-demand PC indie gaming service plans to add new titles to its platform throughout the month of January. Two of these titles, Elliot Quest and Pivot Pilot, became available on the 1st of the month.

The site also plans to extend its holiday discount on new memberships, with an early adopter price of $4.99. The price will then increase to $9.99 after one year of membership.

A list of all the new titles, along with a description of each, can be found down below. For more on the streaming service, check out their official website.

Elliot Quest

Developed by Ansimuz games, Elliot Quest is an action RPG inspired by titles like Zelda II: The Adventure of Link or Metroid. Taking the role of a recent widower named Elliot, players soon discover he has been possessed by a Satar, preventing him from dying and threatening to to turn him into a Satar himself. With no other choice, he must journey across the island of Urele in search of a way to vanquish the demon, setting out to visit the island’s guardians who have kept the Satar in check up until now and gain the powers necessary to free himself from its curse.

Pivot Pilot

In this puzzle platformer from Deadspot Games, players take simultaneous control of a young boy named Eli and a mechanical arm, tasked with guiding the young boy to safety across a variety of stages. With no memory of why he’s in the facility, Eli’s only hope of getting answers is to make his way through the testing facility, avoiding spikes, saws and a number of other hazards along the way.


The light is your friend in this horror puzzle title from WayForward Games. As the emo teenager Jake, players have to figure out how to keep him in the safety of the light as he searches through a haunted school for his girlfriend. Using a slingshot to trigger lamps and lightbulbs, break windows and turn on television sets, players must do their best to keep the lights on long enough to reach the other side of the room before the shadows close in, along with whatever else hides inside them.

Doodle Mafia

Your choices shape the world around you in JoyBits’ interactive puzzle game. As either a cop or a crime boss, players choose who and what they add into the world around them, from carefree civilians and shops to violent criminals and bank robberies. The only limits are the elements at your disposal and your imagination.

World End Economica Part One

From Isuna Hasekura, the mind behind the hit light novel and anime series Spice and Wolf, comes a tale of space bound exploits, adventure and economics. Following the exploits of a young boy named Kawaura Yoshiharu, players help guide him toward achieving his goal of standing where no other man has stood before. To do it though, he’ll need money, and the best way to do that is to use the stock market on the newly colonized moon. Though it’s only the first part, players can still meet a variety of interesting characters as they try to make a continued profit, learning more about the engrossing SciFi world and its inhabitants.

Alchemist’s Castle

In this award winning title from Kabuk Games, players take the role of a great and powerful alchemist’s apprentice. After discovering the Philosopher’s Stone, the Alchemist becomes mad with power, forcing his apprentice to battle his way through his master’s castle to put a stop to his tyranny. Inspired by 2D adventure games like Metroid and Castlevania, players can use abilities and powers to access and unlock secrets throughout the castle, powering up the apprentice for his final confrontation with his mentor and destroy the evil stone behind his change.

Head over to Jump to learn more.

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