In the Name of Freedom has a good idea behind it, and I’m pretty sure its developers mean well. That’s about the best you can say about it. Hammer Games Studios seeks to explore war, the impact is has on not only those fighting it, but of the families involved, as well as journalism of the 1970’s and non-combat focused gameplay and all these other big ideas. The only problem is that, well…

To the War Zone

“Being the sole character through the game, Anna works as a journalist in the US whose husband, an American soldier, disappears at the Vietnam War,” the game’s page reads. “At the request of her chief executive officer, she goes on a mission to the war zone, hoping to, both, find a clue of her husband and send reports to her employer.”

As you can tell from the game’s description, English isn’t the developer’s first language. It’s hard to find much info on the developer, Hammer Games, other than that they’re based in Germany. Their website is suspended, though I’m not sure if that means they did something to get them suspended by their domain host or whatever, or if they just took their site down themselves. According to the developer, they released this first episode free hoping to get it out to the public and garner some attention. They’re certainly getting some attention, though not all publicity is good publicity.

As far as In the Name of Freedom itself, well, sit back and check out the video above to see some truly amazing video gaming happen.

Josh Griffiths

Josh Griffiths

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Josh Griffiths