The upcoming abandoned dog simulator Till the Dawn, Waiting may be the saddest game of 2018, at least for dog lovers.

Developed by underDOGS Gaming Studio, the game places players in the role of a dog abandoned by his owner on the side of desert road. Confused and frightened, the dog must piece together the truth, digging through memories of the his owner and their life before to come to terms with the reality of what he is experiencing.

Along the way, players will also interact with other animals who try to help the dog through the experience. Not all of them are supportive – a vulture which appears in the game’s most recent trailer is more than likely meant to be an antagonist – but each offers a different take on the situation for the dog to consider.

To top it all off, the game has a thick, polygonal art style reminiscent of That Dragon Cancer or The Last Day of June, making the characters and environments pop with life even in the game’s darkest moments.

While the title’s premise and trailers certainly show promise, the way in which underDOGS executes on their vision will be key in how the final product is received. The idea of a narrative driven experience from a dog’s perspective is novel, but relying too heavily on the cruelty and sadness of the subject matter could make the experience too difficult for a larger audience to handle.

For now, players can look forward to seeing the drama for themselves when Till The Dawn, Waiting releases on Steam on January 12.

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