Ah, mornings. What’s better than turning off your alarm, cozying up in your slippers, and taking that first sip of coffee while watching the sunrise?

Well, making a second cup of coffee. And then a third. And then…

The Unending Sacrament of Mornings is less a gentle, solemn rite and more a chaotic worship of caffeine. It’s deeply relatable.

the unending sacrament of mornings

Things seem fine at first. It’s normal to spill some of your first coffee; you just woke up. You’ll get the hang of the pouring mechanics soon enough. Except that as you keep drinking, the coffee seems to become less cooperative. What was once a calm, sleepy moment becomes intense, with increasingly grainy graphics, frantic music, and drinks that increasingly seem to defy the laws of physics.

A standard morning when you’ve got everything to do and just need that extra boost, really.

The Unending Sacrament of Mornings is available to play in browser for free on itch.io; donations are also accepted.

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