What would you do if you were walking home and you heard a kitty meowing in a creepy alley? Well, if you don’t want Bean’s “loser” ending, you go pick it up and take it with you.


What you do when it turns out to be a magic cat with two tails and a taste for sacrifice is another question.

The thing is, this cat – Bean – lives up to their adorable name. You wouldn’t avoid such a cute cat just because it’s technically a hungry being from another reality. Even after it steals your precious stuffed toy and rips its head off.


Bean is short and described on its itch.io page as a “test,” but it’s nonetheless equal parts endearing and funny, telling the story of the beginning of an unlikely friendship.

Bean is available to download for pay what you want on itch.io.

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Jay Castello

Jay is a freelance games writer specialising in intersectional feminist critique, how to improve games and use them to improve the world, and cute dogs. She loves inhabiting digital spaces in all their forms, and being constantly surprised by just how weird and wonderful games can be.

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