The satirist Jonathan Swift once remarked that “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart”. Swift died before Steam Wallets were invented however, and thus, his advice can be safely ignored. He supposedly wrote some immortal literary classics, but I wrote a listicle about Porgs once, so you should probably listen to me instead. I say: Horde everything free. Horde it all now so when 90% of the world loses electricity you will be worshipped as The Grand High Lord of Games and people will give you their last BBQ rat-on-a-stick just to gaze upon your magnificent library for a single, fleeting moment. Here’s 3 spectacular free indie games to get you through the nightmare of the next seven days, my doomed friends.

Free Indie Games

A Raven Monologue

As with last weeks entry, I’m failing cosmically as a writer here, but I say this with all sincerity; anything I could write here about Mojiken Studio‘s A Raven Monologue would be reductive. Even the header was a bit of a spoiler really, but you magic internet ghosts are fickle and easily distracted, so I needed something pretty to lure you in. HEAR THIS GHOSTS: A Raven Monologue is melancholy, beautiful, and irreducible. Play it here.

free indie games


I’m just going to say it: The Detective from Frostwood Interactive’s murder mystery game Rainswept has highly unusual legs. Look at them. Look at those weird legs. Is this the mystery? Is the mystery how those tiny, tiny legs support that rippling chest? But wait…look closer….they all have weird legs. But… if they all have weird legs…that means none of them do. It’s me, isn’t it? It is I who was the weird one, all along. Another thrilling mystery solved. If you’re in the mood for more though, you can play the rather good Rainswept here.

free indie games

Thirteen & Half Cats

Cats are great. I love cats. Last week, I wrote about a game with a cat here, and then I wrote about another game with a cat here. As such, I’ve completely ran out of things to say about cats, except this; Thirteen & Half Cats is a really, really nice game about some nice cats, that developer Nekomatata made “specifically to put a little brightness in your day”. My Official Professional GameMan Opinion? It will do that thing, yes. Play it here

See you next Monday! (bring ham)

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