It’s a sobering fact of mortality that death often lurks in the shadows. What’s often overlooked, however, is that death is actually a lovesick, chubby office worker with a penchant for funk and disco.

Kong Orange‘s Felix the Reaper is a puzzle game about manipulating space and time to arrange bizarre and hilarious murders. It’s also a game about trying to get the attention of the one you love. Also through the tried and true method of arranging bizarre and hilarious murders. Felix is the Reaper minus the grim. In Felix the Reaper, Death doesn’t lurk in shadows, he boogies straight through them.

felix the reaper

Dancing with Death

As Felix the Reaper, your goal is to carry out the wishes of the Ministry of Death. Or, as Kong Orange so delicately put it, “Make People Die”. As well as his Walkman – which packs a playlist of indie-produced gems – Felix has the ability to manipulate the sun. A useful tool, if you can’t leave the shadows. Each of Felix the Reaper‘s levels represent a puzzle for the player to solve through clever traversal of the environment and the rearrangement of objects. And all this just for a chance with his office crush, Betty the Maiden.

felix the reaper

Killer Moves

Kong Orange worked with a team of professional dancers to nail Felix’s moves, and he’s one graceful agent of death. Along with the nine artists that make up the soundtrack – all of whom have portraits in the selection menu – Felix the Reaper truly gives the impression of being a collaborative effort between a team of talented individuals. Felix may stick to the shadows, but Kong Orange have chosen to bring these artists and their work to the forefront, and the fantastic soundtrack and animation feel like integral elements of one of the most unique indies we’ve seen in quite a while.

Felix the Reaper is currently being developed for PC and Mac, and you can keep up with Kong Orange’s progress here.

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