You have to admire when a developer looks at their game and says “We’re not ready yet. We need a bit more time.” Especially since the trend seems to be “Eh, we’ll patch it” in the best case scenario. This is what has happened with Backwoods Entertainment and their game Unforeseen Incidents.

Unforeseen Incidents was supposed to be released soon, on February 1st. But that’s not the plan any more. Backwoods Entertainment had been working non-stop to try to make that goal but they just realised it wasn’t possible. The game needs more testing so they have delayed it until everything is in order.

So, what’s Unforeseen Incidents about?

Unforeseen Incidents is a 2d point and click adventure with hand-painted graphics. We play as Harper in the game, a small-town handyman who stumbles upon a conspiracy. Armed with his wits, and his multi-purpose tool, Harper sets out to stop a plague that might wipe humanity out.

This game is 100% made in Germany. Backwoods Entertainment are based on Bochum and Application Systems Heidelberg are publishing it. That alone is a good sign as they have published games like Nelly Cootalot and the Fowl Fleet.

There’s also a launch trailer available and it’s quite intriguing.

While the game doesn’t have a release date (other than Spring 2018 according to their Steam page) this delay will probably be worth it. Backwoods said on Twitter that they are implementing new animations for the game as well. Surely all their hard work will pay off in the end.

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