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Abel G.C.

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Abel G.C. is a writer and game developer. He was born in Spain but lives in Ireland. He first played a graphic adventure when he was three and became a life obsession. If he stops drinking green tea he might die and he also loathes writing in the third person.

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Abel G.C.
4 Min Read

Everyone wants to look beautiful and trendy. However, it is not easy to have an appealing look. For this, you need to learn how to do a perfect makeup. These days you can find many online makeup tutorials that can help you in achieving a…

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Abel G.C.
2 Min Read

After Unavowed the main question was “where does Wadjet Eye go from here?” And the answer was an unexpected “to Kickstarter.” Not just that, to Kickstarter with a vampire RPG! Welcome to the world of Nighthawks, a collaboration between Wadjet Eye and Richard Cobbett. Nighthawks…

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Abel G.C.
3 Min Read

Trago is an interesting game. Mostly because sooner or later we’ve all been in a similar situation to what the game portrays. With some differences, of course, but Brazilian studio SpaceGiraff3 have captured a slice of life with this game. And it feels refreshing. This…

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Abel G.C.
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Imagine you go out one day. It’s winter and it’s freezing and it makes walking difficult. But what if you could change seasons with your trusty crossbow? Then you might just be the vulpine protagonist in Bonus Level Entertainment’s, Fox n Forests. It’s been two years…