In what feels like forever ago, Wormwood Studios released the post-apocalyptic adventure game Primordia. Primoredia was a brilliant example of a modern adventure game. That Wadjet Eye Games published it, is in itself a sign of quality. But years went by and Wormwood Studios looked a bit inactive. They made some short games and a follow-up short story to Primordia but there wasn’t much news in the horizon. Turns out it was just a case of Wormwood working tirelessly on their next projects.

Last month, Wormwood Studios announced they were working on an RPG called Fallen Gods, a game with a focus on Norse mythology. They just upped the ante again by announcing a second game, a point and click adventure called Strangeland. It is being made by the same team that made Primordia, which is even more enticing. So in a way, this could be one of those spiritual sequels fans love so much.

Creative Jam

Strangeland was born during a game jam. The dev band got together again and decided to work on a prototype. This prototype was made out of abandoned projects, held together by guys dealing with several personal tragedies. This shows in Strangeland’s bizarre setting which looks like an amusement park designed by H.R. Giger.

Wormwood Studios began work on Strangeland back in 2017. Currently they are close to finishing the game and are exploring both distribution and publishing options. Hopefully that exploration pans out soon because Strangeland is shaping up to be one of the most interesting games of 2018.

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