There are lots of platformers out there that look back to the past. But in this day and age looking, and sounding, like an 8 or 16 bit platformer is not enough. You need to have cool mechanics to reel people in. Fortunately, Landflix Odyssey has that.

Landflix Odyssey is being developed by Fantastico Studio from Italy. They’re on their last week on Kickstarter and with only a bit over 50% of the amount they’re asking they need a small push to make the game a reality. The game is definitely worth it so head over there and take a look.

Getting Into the Action

In Landflix Odyssey you play as Larry. Larry is a slacker who spends his time binging on TV shows. Until one day an accident brings him inside Landflix, where the shows he binges on are real. So he has to find the nuclear batteries for his remote in an attempt to save Landflix and bring a stop to the Evil CEO’s evil plan.

Larry will have to go through several different worlds looking for those batteries. The worlds are inspired by TV shows and among them you’ll find stuff such as Peculiar Stuff, Going Mad or The Standing Zombie.

The best thing about these worlds (apart from the hilarious names) is that Larry will have a different power-up in each of them. His main power-up is his ability to burp, for which he needs beer, and that’s common in all the worlds. For in Peculiar Stuff he gains a remote that helps him travel to the “other side.” And in The Standing Zombie he has a crossbow to kill the zombies.

Apart from the humour in the premise (which comes from a place of love) the game boasts an amazing soundtrack, a cool pixel art style and a considerable amount of variety. The levels go from run and gun to metroidvania inspired. You can see the guys at Fantastico are passionate.

There’s also a demo available, with two levels from Pecular Stuff and The Elder Throne. So be sure to check the demo out and head to their Kickstarter if you like it. Because every little bit helps.

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