The indie gaming platform Jump continues to expand its library with the announcement of its March additions lineup.

Set to release one per week throughout the month, the platform currently has four new titles scheduled to become available to subscribers. The titles offered range from the fast paced action platformer 10 Second Ninja X to the coming of age horror title You Must Be 18 or Older to Enter. Jump will also be extending its early adopter rate, with a month’s subscription costing $4.99 as opposed to the regular $9.99. More information on how to subscribe can be found on the company’s official website.

A description of each new title can be viewed below. For more on Jump, check out our interview with CEO Anthony Palma on reaching the mile stone of 100 games offered and what’s coming from the company in 2018.

10 Second Ninja X

Speed is key in this lightning quick action title from Four Circle Interactive. After being kidnapped along with their animal allies by the nefarious Greatbeard, the player must battle against waves of robotic enemies to free their friends. This comes with the twist, however, that each stage must be cleared in 10 seconds or less, requiring pixel perfect moves and flawless executions. With 100 levels taking place across Great Beard’s airship, as well as online leader board functionality, fans of a fast-paced and competitive challenge won’t leave disappointed.

Cubiques 1 & 2

There’s a lot to love about these stylishly minimalist puzzle titles. Developed by Dilmer Valecillos, both games task players with guiding a red cube across every panel available in each level. With each advancing level, however, new elements and challenges are presented, forcing players to make every movement count lest the world fall apart around them. Each game offers 70 different puzzles with calm and atmospheric music, making for mind bending experiences that are as meditative as they are engaging.

You Must Be 18 Or Older To Enter

 The recipient of multiple nominations and awards, this title from James Earl Cox III depicts the harrowing experience of a youth’s first foray into online pornography in the 1990’s. Along with the tense atmosphere created by the chance of being caught, the game provides an excellent depiction of what one’s first experience with seeing such material is like, eliciting confusion, curiosity and wonder from the game’s main character as well as the player.

Keenan McCall

Keenan McCall

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