Seemingly combining Guitar Hero and Fruit Ninja, Bailey Snyder’s first game, Katto, takes a different approach to the rhythm game genre.

In Katto, players wield two katanas as a number of objects fly toward them to the beat of a song. The player must destroy each object before it passes them, but with two objects needing to be hit at a time, that may be easier said than done. Each object also needs the katana to be angled a specific way in order to break, making for an even more challenging experience as players must remember how to cut each object correctly.

Katto’s levels are all endless, getting harder over time as the tempo of the music keeps speeding up. So far Snyder has one level done, but plans to add more with different combinations of objects to throw at players. He expects Katto is about 60% done as of now, 11 months after development started.

Snyder has been keeping people up to date with Katto’s development on Youtube, but is now planning on doing so through the TIGSource Forums.