Imagine you go out one day. It’s winter and it’s freezing and it makes walking difficult. But what if you could change seasons with your trusty crossbow? Then you might just be the vulpine protagonist in Bonus Level Entertainment’sFox n Forests.

It’s been two years since Fox n Forests completed its successful Kickstarter. All that time and money is about to pay off because the developers have announced that the game will launch later this spring. Or will it? We’re talking about a game where you change seasons. Who’s to say Bonus Level Entertainment won’t make Spring come early?

Changing of the Seasons

Fox N Forests takes place in a fantasy world, where an evil wizard tries to disrupt balance by introducing a fifth season. Our protagonist is a fox named Rick. Far from being a natural born hero, Rick embarks on this journey solely because he’s promised gold and the magic crossbow.

Gameplay is typical of an action platformer featuring end level boss fights with big bosses, a catchy soundtrack, and the gorgeous pixel graphics.

You’ll have to use your magical crossbow to progress through levels. You can change between two pre-determined seasons for each level, but this effect only lasts so long. You’ll need to act quickly before your season swapping reverts. The mechanic plays out in fun and interesting ways. Letting players do things like freeze a lake to cross over it or making autumn leaves fall so that you can jump across them, among other things.

Fox n Forests will be available for PC (Windows and Linux), Mac, and all current gen consoles this Spring for $19.99. Add it to your wishlist on Steam so you don’t miss the season swapping fun.


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