Everyone wants to look beautiful and trendy. However, it is not easy to have an appealing look. For this, you need to learn how to do a perfect makeup. These days you can find many online makeup tutorials that can help you in achieving a dramatic and striking look. http://www.fabulive.com is one of the platforms that can offer you some bright ideas to enhance your appearance. If you want to have attractive and sultry eyes, scroll down to learn how to do smokey eye makeup.

What is a smokey eye?

The first thing that you need to understand is what a smokey eye means.

A method to make your eyes more beautiful and deep is known as the Smokey Eye Makeup. The effect is achieved byapplication of several shades of dark eyeshadow and eyeliner on the eyelids. The eyeliner is smudged along both the upper and the lower eyelash lines.

As of now, you must have got an idea about what this eye makeup is all about. Now, it is time to learn how to achieve beautiful smokey eye makeup effortlessly.

How to do perfect smokey eye makeup?

If you want to grab the attention, then nothing is better than the smokey eye. Oh yes, this is one of the makeup styles that makes a right hit at the right point. Whether you are going to your friend’s wedding or it is your prom night, smokey eye makeup will give you an edge over the others. However, if you do not know the proper technique of applying it, this could be a disaster. To avoid this, you must take a look at the ways of applying black smokey eye makeup.

Here is the list of the products that you need to do smokey eye makeup:

  • Eyeshadow primer
  • Creamy concealer
  • Translucent setting powder
  • Dark eyeshadow palette
  • Small angled eyeshadow brush
  • Q-tip smudge brush
  • Black eyeliner
  • Shimmery highlighter
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara

Once you have all these essential products, then follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Apply primer

Having a clean base is very important if you are planning to do any eye makeup. This ensures thatthe eyeshadowwill not emphasize the wrinkles. It also helps the eye makeup to stay longer.Furthermore, it helps in blending the different eyeshadows. Therefore, pat some eyeshadow primer over the eyelids. Also, apply it under your eyes, but be very careful while doing it.

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Step 2: Apply concealer

If you want to have attention-grabbing eyes, then you cannot have the dark circles under them. The eyeshadow will budge, and you will look terrible. To avoid this, you must apply a creamy concealer to prevent any discoloration. You may use your clean ring finger to apply it to the skin of the under-eye area. The creamy concealerhas a thick consistency and so your eye makeup remains in order throughout the day.

Step 3: Apply translucent setting powder

After applying concealer, most of us forget using a setting powder. I am afraid that it is not right, and you must tap a setting powder in the under-eye area with the help of a fluffy brush. You must also make sure that the powder suits your skin tone. This translucent powder catches loose particles when the eyeshadow is applied.

Step 4: Apply eyeshadow

Usually, black eyeshadow is used by most of the people for smokey eyes. However, these days the professional makeup artists try to not use the blackshades. They use colors such as brown, gray, plum, and not stick to black eyeshadowonly.Make sure you apply it from the lashes to the crease of your eye. Now, take the small angled brush and apply eyeshadow to the lower lash line of your eyes.

Step 5: Use a q-tip smudge brush

One of the most important things that you should remember while applying smokey eye makeup is that there must not be any harsh lines. Therefore, you must blend the eyeshadow properly with the help of a q-tip smudge brush. Now, lightly buff the shadow and softly blend it at the edges to create a gradient. Do the same thing for the bottom lash line too and make your eyes look sensuous.

Step 6: Apply eyeliner

This is the step that you must take very seriously. Most of us strugglingto apply the eyeliner perfectly. Choose black eyeliner to define your eyes and apply it close to the lash line. Do not forget to drag it along the top lash line. The closer it is applied to the lash line the better it is, as the skin peeking through the liner doesn’t look good.

Step 7: Apply a shimmery highlighter

Many do not apply a shimmery highlighter while doing smokey eye makeup. This does not seem right, and you should do it as it adds radiance to your eyes and opens them up. Hence, you must apply the highlighter to the inner “V” corner of the eyes and to your brow bone. Avoid using champagne shade highlighter if your skin tonedark.For a light skin tone, you may use a pearl hue.

Step 8: Apply mascara

The last step is to apply mascara, but before that, you must not forget to use the eye curler. At Fabulive, you can learn how to do so. Once you have used the eye curler, then it is time to apply mascara. This will make your lashes look lush, thick, and long, thereby creating a sensuous effect.Pick any volumizing mascara and give the finishing touches.


If you are someone who wants to look sexy, then smokey eye makeup is your best option. It gives you a look which is appealing still elegant. You can learn more about the smokey eye and other eye makeup techniqueson Fabulive website. This is a live streaming platform where you can find many talented makeup artists who are ready to share their skills with you.

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