Treasure Adventure World had a long way to go before it was done. Especially if we count its precursor, Treasure Adventure Game. Treasure Adventure Game already was a pretty complete and compelling game by itself. And yet the dev thought “This can still be better.” So Robit Games expanded from being a solo developer to a team of three and began working on it.

And they worked on it for several years. But now the wait is over, Treasure Adventure World is out now, with Chucklefish as a publisher. Was this wait worth it? Is this better than the previous game? The short answer is definitely, but the review can’t finish here. So keep reading to find out why this game is so cool and why you should give it a go.

What’s the Story?

In Treasure Adventure World we play as Peep; which is what other characters call him, probably because he never makes one. When the game starts Peep’s “grandparents” are celebrating the anniversary of his arrival to Cargale Island. Five years prior to the start of the game he washed ashore, having no memory of who he was and with his right hand missing. His grandpa gives him a map because he knows he’s destined for adventure.

Shortly after that, a talking parrot named Whydah, who doubles as the game’s hint system, appears and persuades him to look for the 12 Legendary Treasures. His friend lets him take the boat she invented, the Glooskap, for a test ride. Thus begins Peep’s adventure. An adventure that’s tied both to his lost memories and hand. And what an adventure it is! You’ll talk to animals, wear a lot of hats, fight with pirates, and use hallucinogenic shrooms to advance. But mostly you’ll find treasures.

Treasure Adventure World

Tricked Out Treasure Hunting

Treasure Adventure World is a metroidvania, with a focus on platforming and puzzles as well. The game has 16 distinct islands to explore to your heart’s content. Of course there is a slight caveat. Some sections are unreachable in the beginning (unless you play on New Game +) because you lack a specific skill or an upgrade needed to advance. A standard mechanic in the genre.

Apart from that, you can explore and complete sections in whatever order you’d like. The game has plenty of collectibles and some of them (MagiPearls) show you the location ‘Legendary Treasures.’ They work like a sonar. when you reach a dungeon that has a treasure (or a place that has one nearby) the MagiPearls start beeping.

Most treasures involve completing a dungeon and fighting a boss. All of the bosses have their own unique mechanic. One you’ll have to defeat while playing as the parrot. Those battles can be quite fun.

The dungeons are very distinct as well, with each of them capturing the mood of the island they’re on. As you progress you’ll earn better equipment like a shovel (and if you complete an optional dungeon, an attack inspired by Shovel Knight!), sprint boots, and a throwing hook.

But while the game is fun, there are some things that are a bit annoying. Backtracking can get a bit tiresome, especially when the only way to check which island you’re on is by checking the map. And there are also some platforming and puzzle sections that can get frustrating. In the grand scheme of things though, these are minor issues. Treasure Adventure World is a very solid and fun game.

New & Improved

While Treasure Adventure Game was a pretty solid title by itself, Treasure Adventure World goes above and beyond what the previous game offered. It’s like swapping a tricycle for a rocket-powered bike.

These changes are part of what makes Treasure Adventure World so good. The core of the game is the same (treasures, day-and-night cycle, changing weather) but it’s still enough of a different experience to justify revisiting it.

The world behind Treasure Adventure World is fascinating and not just because of the variety of places you visit. There are also many books scattered around that reveal the world’s lore. How it was created, the legendary hero, his many treasures, and other tidbits.

The game offers high replayability with four different possible endings to discover. Rather than speeding through, you’ll want to take your time and enjoy the sights.


  • Big world to explore
  • Freedom to do things in whichever order you choose.
  • Cool graphic style and amazing soundtrack.


  • Backtracking gets tedious, until you learn how to fast travel
  • Some frustrating platforming sections and puzzles


If you like metroidvanias then you can’t go wrong with Treasure Adventure World. Behind this cute facade lies a deeply enjoyable game. In true metroidvania fashion you go from feeling in awe of the world to feeling amazed at your advanced abilities.

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