A few weeks ago Failbetter Games wrote a very candid update on Kickstarter where they talked openly about their recent struggles and Sunless Skies‘ situation. Judging this week’s update, it looks like the worst has passed and that things are progressing even faster than before.

And that means a lot for Sunless Skies. Specifically Failbetter have a potential launch date, this September. And after checking how the Early Access version of Sunless Skies looks and plays like, it feels like things are going on track for that potential release.

Onto Uncharted Territory

The main issue with Sunless Skies when it first came on Early Access was that it felt empty. Even Failbetter Games admitted that they rushed into it. But that’s not a problem anymore. The game feels fuller now.

Sunless Skies now shows as much promise as it should. And the potential to surpass Sunless Sea in every aspect. The UI isn’t as clunky as it was on that first release. The controls don’t feel as clunky either, though if you’re used to the Sunless Seas control scheme it will take you a bit to get used to that. But if you prefer using a controller you can do that now.

The combat also feels more polished, and the heat system has changed as well. Those small changes are part of what makes the game’s potential shine through after the initial mistakes. The Reach doesn’t feel as empty now, it’s still vast but you get a feeling that there’s more to it now.

And if that wasn’t enough, Failbetter Games will be adding a brand new zone soon. Albion, the next region of the game.

September can’t come fast enough.

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