Anyone familiar with this fairly fantastic website knows Yooka-Laylee is trash. I’ve written about it’s failings quite a lot here in the past. But the newcomers or those on our ever-growing YouTube channel may not know the extent of my disappointment and agony whenever I think about Yooka-Laylee. So, here’s me whinging about it some more in video form.

A Little Green Taste

Let’s start with the biggest issue this game has – the camera. Yooka-Laylee’s camera has a mind of its own. It flings itself at terminal velocity around the game world seemingly at random, completely divorced of where you actually are. You allegedly have control over it with the right analog stick, but once you’re done adjusting it, it’ll likely wonder off again immediately like a bored child out with their mom shopping.

The camera issues are made all the worse by the truly horrific jumping physics. This feels, once again, like a Nintendo 64 game in that there really are no physics, just 3D models being hurled around at random based on how the programmers think they should act. Starting a jump feels like you’ve got two cinder blocks attached to each foot, ever eager to drag you down bottomless pits, some of which you can’t see before it’s too late. But once you get off the ground and are in mid-air, there’s a complete 180 and you feel like a balloon that’s about to float away.

I could go on and on about all the ways Yooka-Laylee was one of the worst games of 2017, and I do in the video above, so why not check it out? Well, you might actually like the game come to think of it. In which case, you should be visiting a doctor, not listening to me. Or visit our YouTube channel for videos you may agree with instead. Whichever.

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