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Josh Griffiths
1 Min Read

After an unnecessary holiday break, Kicked! is back, today taking a look at Sunless Sea. Sunless Sea is a hidden Kickstarter gem. Not only is it a great game, but it’s one many don’t realize originates on the crowdfunding platform. It’s successful enough that developer…

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Amanda French
15 Min Read

Sunless Sea is a Lovecraftian roguelike sea exploration game that manages an impressive narrative voice amidst its immersive gameplay. To see my full thoughts on the game, see my review. This unique game has many challenges, chief among them figuring out how to survive long enough…

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John Ehrett
2 Min Read

As the Alien franchise has long recognized, the truly ferocious power of sci-fi horror rests in absolute isolation. Feeling utterly cut off from the safety of home and any promise of help. Sunless Skies, Failbetter Games’ successor to their bleak rogue-like Sunless Sea derives its appeal…

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Joanna Mueller
5 Min Read

Sunless Seas’ highly anticipated sequel, Sunless Skies raised almost $500,000 during its Kickstarter campaign. The project unlocked all of its stretch goals with the support of over 11K backers. To celebrate, Failbetter Games hosted an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit. Failbetter’s Communications Director, Hannah Flynn lead the AMA with additional…

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Abel G.C.
2 Min Read

After Unavowed the main question was “where does Wadjet Eye go from here?” And the answer was an unexpected “to Kickstarter.” Not just that, to Kickstarter with a vampire RPG! Welcome to the world of Nighthawks, a collaboration between Wadjet Eye and Richard Cobbett. Nighthawks…