Back in 2013, Failbetter Games crushed their Kickstarter goal to the tune of £100,803, funding Sunless Sea. Now, they have finally fulfilled their last promise to backers with the release of their first DLC, Zubmariner.

For the first time, players will get a peak beneath the waves in this underwater expansion. The Zubmariner DLC features 11 new cities, “zee-beasts,” treasures, and gameplay elements waiting to be discovered. Backers are automatically granted access to the DLC as thanks not only for their initial support, but also for reaching the £95,000 stretch goal to unlock it. Zubmariner is priced at $10.99 for everyone else.


Captains will now be able to convert their ships into subs and dive anywhere in the hand drawn world of Fallen London. The promise of unplumbed treasures, eerie blessings, and a shot at immortality are calling. On the flip-side death is ever present and sanity scarcer than ever before.

New Base Game Content

Sunless Sea players who don’t want to splurge on the new content will still have access to new base game quests. There will be four new passengers available when players set out from London. Each will have a unique quest that foreshadows the events in Zubmariner.


There are also new quests from the Blind Bruiser and strange events beginning to occur on Mutton Island. Rose Market opportunities will also stick around until they are completed, instead of randomly generating each time you visit.

Now that Failbetter has met their backer obligations it will be interesting to see what exciting new (cannibalistic) adventures await the world of Sunless Sea.

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