How have we not done Iron Tides sooner? Because other games have come up that I wanted to cover. But! That shouldn’t turn you away from this incredible looking turn-based/exploration game from developer Crash Wave Games.

Iron Tides is a genre mash-up of survival, exploration, and tactical, turn-based combat, all with rouge-like elements thrown in just for good measure. The world is procedurally generated and everything in it wants you dead. You play as a Viking chieftain though, with a group of Viking warriors there to back you up.

We’ve written about this game a lot so chances are you’ve seen some of our coverage of it already. In fact, we just wrote about its closing days just yesterday.

But Wait, There’s More…

Right now, Iron Tides is sitting at $10,499 of its $14,196 goal with five days to go, at least at time of recording. When I first heard about this Kickstarter, I thought it was going to find easy success, but that hasn’t been the case. The closing days of a Kickstarter campaign are usually the busiest, so it shouldn’t have any problem getting funded, it’s just going to be a bit close.

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