Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are two filmmakers from the 70’s and 80’s, who starred together in such films as They Call me Trinity, Trinity is Still My Name, and My Name is Nobody. It’s hard to say just how famous they are, I’ve never heard of them so they must not be that popular here in the US. But the comedy duo is back on Kickstarter with a video game called Slaps and Beans.

The only problem is that they’re not really back themselves. This is just a fan game created by the Trinity Team. Bud Spencer is dead, so it’d be a bit weird if they got him involved. This has been officially licensed though, and approved of from both Hill and Spencer before he died.

slapsandbeans02Slaps and Beans is a 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up/puzzle game in the same vain as an old NES game. You’ll have to beat people up, as well as switching between Spencer and Hill to solve various puzzles. One such puzzle shown on the Kickstarter is using Hill to climb some scaffolding to press a button to bring Spencer up.

Not much is said about the story, but the developers say it will be made “by the fans, for the fans.” Apparently it’s some kind of spaghetti western inspired by Spencer’s and Hill’s movies which was a parody of The Man With No Name trilogy.


Trinity Team show tell us that Slaps and Beans started life at a game jam, and has since grown into an official game. They’ve been working on it for years, and need $141,789 from Kickstarter to finish production.

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