Some days ago UK-based publisher Screen 7 released a new Lorelai teaser trailer. Lorelai is Harvester Games’ newest project, a game that will close the Devil Came Through Here trilogy that The Cat Lady and Downfall are part of. Needless to say, there’s a lot to unpack here.

First of all, the game looks amazing. Developer Rem Michalski switched engines. After making the Downfall remake on AGS, Michalski decided to work on Unity for future projects. The change looks worthwhile. That’s also noticeable in the gameplay samples that were posted on Youtube over the past two years.

Still, there are lots of questions about Lorelai. Especially in terms of story. The video has the following synopsis however: “The little she had was taken away, but Lorelai refuses to give up, she will fight. Even death won’t stop her from getting it all back.” No idea about where this game fits in the chronology of the trilogy yet. But it’s a safe assumption that the recurring phrase “Devil Came Through Here” will figure at some point. And so will the Queen of Maggots.


Devil Came Through Here

Screen 7’s Mark Lovegrove has cleared something up about Lorelai though. In Downfall the Queen of Maggots tells you her real name is Lorelai, and the Steam achievement image for it is of Lorelai‘s Lorelai. That could lead one to believe that maybe Lorelai is a prequel explaining how the Queen came to be. But it’s not.

This might make sense once the game is out (presumably early next year) but even if it doesn’t make sense it’ll be fine. It’s a Rem Michalski game that’s always makes for a great experience.

Speaking of which, he has another project lined up. A game called Burnhouse Lane. Only the title is known but it’s cool to know there’s going to be another game by Michalski in the distant future.

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