It’s Sunday, which means that in addition to eating nothing but donuts all day it’s time to check out the Kickstarter video game campaigns that launched last week. This isn’t to say that all the campaigns are worth your money, in fact, many of them aren’t worth more than a disapproving head shake, but it’s still fun. Maybe.

Featured campaigns are those that contain a significant amount of game information, are from known developers, or are otherwise worth your time. The Rest are those that lack information, look sketchy, or are a waste of 1’s and 0’s.


Always with the visual novels. Nothing wrong with that though! The significance of the Dawn Drop Radiant Beginnings campaign lies in the failure of the previous campaigns. This is the third campaign for Dawn Drop since October 2017, with the funding goal dropping 20% in that time. Usually that kind of drop is an issue, it’s an indicator that the developer is just trying to get any amount of cash, regardless of what’s needed. However, in the case of Dawn Drop there’s been significant improvements to the campaign since October, not the least of which is a demo. This is how you come back from Kickstarter failure.

Why haven’t we written about Wake Up yet? It looks fantastic. Joanna? Nic? Anyone? Seriously, this definitely needs some more love. There’s even a tech demo available to download. Definitely check this one, I know we will.


Regarding Vulpine Felix Wong stated” The game isn’t too heavy on realism, with each animal wielding a weapon of some sorts, such as a sword for some fast-paced slicing and dicing, a hammer for punishing put-downs, or a spear for long-range sniping. While roaming the lands of Vulpine you’ll come across a variety of prey and predators, the latter even in the form of mythical creatures like dragons, larger-than-life spiders and so forth.”

Keenan recently wrote this regarding Genesis Noir: “The art goes a long way in selling this, blending simple 2D designs with sweeping seas of stars and nebulae. The simple line art sprites of the characters stretch and sprawl across the solemn voids of space, depicting sketch art in motion as No Man interacts with objects to alter creation’s trajectory. This is all done primarily using a black and white color scheme, further adding to the classic Noir tone.”

Andy Bodinger wrote: “AVARIAvs will feature four classes, each with more than 40 abilities, and sixteen heroes who each have two branching archetypes. From these components each player fashions a team of three whilst considering strategy and how each character’s stats will develop well into the late-game. I am enamored with the very notion (and the early gameplay) of my favorite genre mutating into a primal sparring match between two quick thinkers and two pairs of frenzied hands.”

The Rest

Loot Pox : Cute artwork, but no actual game yet based on the lack of video.

Hard Life : Once again, a whole lot of nothing except for some still images.

Project Critical : The funding goal is low, but what’s the money for?

Dungeon Dwellers : There’s a reason text adventures have a hard time getting funding on Kickstarter.

Chess Revolution : Over $100,000 for a chess game?

Traffic Planner : I’d kill for a great traffic planning game, unfortunately this isn’t it.

That’s it for last week’s Kickstarter video game campaigns.  Watch your wallets!

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