Is it just me, or has it been a while since good old fashioned vampire slaying got a good push? For those craving pulp but feeling like the vein has run dry, Damsel might have your fix. Screwtap Studios’ first major title is available now in Steam early access, with plenty for players to sink their teeth into in terms of both gameplay and aesthetics.

High Speed, High Stakes

Damsel focuses on fast-paced action, whether it’s high speed platforming or racking up combos. The game emphasizes short, “bite sized” missions that encourage replay. Paired with a slick air-dash and a dynamic arsenal of combat options, speed-runners in particular will want to keep their eye on this title.

As they barrel through colorful maps brought to life by a synth-heavy soundtrack, players will take control of the eponymous Agent Damsel. The pulp-punk heroine is armed to the teeth with genre-savvy tech, including an ultraviolet shotgun. Players will utilize all the tools at her disposal to eliminate the corporate vampires standing in her way.

A screenshot of Damsel's gameplay. Agent Damsel is taking damage, while a prompt onscreen tells the player to duck.

Altogether, the game promises to deliver a breakneck romp that homages the genre without taking itself too seriously. There are a few problem areas, including a less-than-appealing UI. Fortunately, the problems that Damsel does have are largely fixable, and the core gameplay remains uncompromised.

Damsel is currently expected to come out of early access later this year. In the meantime, Screwtap Studios is seeking feedback from the community. If you’re hoping to see where this game goes and want to have your voice heard in the process, now’s your best chance.

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