It feels like it’s been a long time since Wadjet Eye released a game, both as a publisher and developer. That’s about to change because his latest game, Unavowed, will be out this year.

He’s been very busy with it, and no wonder! This will be Wadjet Eye‘s biggest game to date. And it looks amazing because they are pushing the boundaries of what one can do with the Adventure Game Studio engine.

And What’s This About?

Unavowed is an urban fantasy adventure, with some RPG settings, though combat won’t be one of those. We play as a character who after being possessed by a demon for six months comes into contact with a secret society called the Unavowed, the Unavowed protect New York from supernatural happenings but they’re spreading quite thin because those happenings are becoming more frequent. So our character becomes their latest recruit.

The character can be either male or female, and it also has three different origin stories that are the game’s equivalent to character class. We can be a cop, a bartender or an actor. Each of these will give us extra options in some situations, and will also change our relationship with the secondary characters we recruit.

And if this wasn’t enough, the game is set in the same universe as the previous games designed by David Gilbert. Unavowed is set after the final Blackwell game and we’ll see the consequences of that.

Presumably the game will be out this year. The game is massive so it has no proper release date yet, but it looks like it might be close.

The important thing is, will we finally find out who Tomo is and why she keeps spamming everyone?!

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