We haven’t had a Francisco Gonzalez game ever since he released Shardlight. That’s about to change because it looks like Lamplight City will be out this year.

It’s his first game back with the moniker of Grundislav Games and Application Systems Heidelberg will be its publisher. The game is still in development and they’re currently recording the voices for it, and while it has a Steam page it has no date on it yet. But it’s safe to assume that we will see it on this year.

And it can’t come any sooner, because this will be one of the most interesting adventure games of 2018.

So what’s the big deal with this game?

Lamplight City is set in the 19th Century. The titular city is New Bretagne, a Victorian steampunk mash-up of New Orleans and New York. In it we play as private investigator Miles Fordham, a former cop who is investigating the death of his partner.

The game will have five different cases, with many false leads, dead ends and the like. So it will have plenty of branching paths, especially because we can approach Miles’ cases however we want. As in we can play by the book or throw the book away and do whatever we want.

The town will also have four different boroughs to explore and the game will have no inventory system whatsoever. But there will be an casebook with which we’ll collect clues and combine them to solve cases.

Shardlight City can’t come any sooner.

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