After buying the rights to 2006’s The Ship: Murder Party, Blazing Griffin’s attempt to Kickstart a sequel failed, so instead of a direct sequel this March we’re getting a spiritual successor.

Much like its predecessor, Murderous Pursuits is a competitive multiplayer game set on an early 20th century cruise liner. Players are tasked with tracking down and stealthily killing targets assigned to them by a mysterious Mr. X. Players also have to be constantly watching their own back, as up to seven other players or AI may be on the ship with targets of their own.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in plain sight is made easier through special locations on board letting players blend into the ship’s high brow crowd through activities such as discussing politics or looking at artwork. Each player can bring a number of items with them, from temporary disguises to flash grenades. Making each murder as unique as possible is the best way to please Mr. X.
Blazing Griffin’s Murderous Pursuits is set to release on PC this March.