The frantic planet mashing action of Planet Bash has been honed to a razor’s edge, making it the perfect time for new players to jump in.

Released on Steam September 8 of last year, the game has steadily improved thanks to updates by developer Killerkun with improved difficulty, new upgrades and a slew of new skins. With its latest update though, it’s nearing the perfect balance that many always hoped it could have, providing a stand out experience for those who enjoy frenetic action with a tongue in cheek delivery. That said, the game still might not have made it on to some people’s radars, so here’s a breakdown of what makes this gem shine out from the rest and why everyone should give it a look.

It Saves From Outer Space

The premise of the game is straight forward: After watching humans overdevelop and pollute the planet for millennia, the player-controlled moon decides enough is enough and begins hurling itself at their cities to flatten them into oblivion. Things quickly escalate however, as the humans try to defend themselves with ever increasing armaments like high powered lasers, payload carrying space crafts, and barrages of missiles and rockets.

It’s a fun spin on the theme of environmentalism and the game’s presentation goes a long way in making it enjoyable. Colorful and hyperactive with a rock ballad playing in the background, the hours fall away as you get lost in the chaos of tearing through wave after wave of human defenses.

Likewise, the different upgrades and effects you can apply to your moon inject it with a sense of utility and personality. One wave, you could equip it with a special magnet jammed into its head that throws off enemy attacks; the next, you could get a power up which sends it into a state of euphoria, blissing out with dilated pupils as it obliterates atmosphere breaching skyscrapers.

This is all capped off by the ability to wrack up a high score, used to rank against and compete with other players online.

If this sounds like it would be right up your alley, you can pick up Planet Bash on Steam for $4.99. For other great gems, check out our look at In Other Waters, an upcoming title about deep sea exploration in space.

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