Most of the gamers I know are creative types, in some shape or form. A lot of us spent our young-adult years doodling instead of taking notes, or filling up journals with half-finished ideas. Maybe we still have some of those little drawings or stories tucked away somewhere. We can’t seem to get rid of them, but we also kind of hope they’ll never be found. That feeling is what Imperishable Memories is all about.

Imperishable Memories is a shoot-em-up in development by Jennifer Raye. Raye is best known for her visual novel Boa Retina, which earned critical acclaim for its emotionally jam-packed story. While Imperishable Memories looks to share a similar emphasis on emotion, it’ll also feature equally heavy mechanics.

A screenshot from Imperishable Memories featuring the player character shooting at several blue-and red creatures vaguely resembling insects.

Harsh, But Not Uncompromising

The unique visual style of Imperishable Memories, which I can only describe as ugly charm, lends itself surprisingly well to its bullet hell mechanics. The crude shapes feature hard borders perfect for precision movement. They also serve to create a real sense of discomfort, no easy feat. On top of the usual bullet hell arsenal, players are also able to grab and throw enemies, turning them into projectile weapons.

In a genre known for being opaque and difficult, there are also noteworthy accessibility options on offer. In story mode, players will have access to infinite respawns. This curbs input-based inaccessibility and allows most players to experience the full story without worrying about perfect execution. For those who do want to challenge their accuracy and reflexes, there’s arcade mode. It’s a great way to open up the genre to more players without losing that “one more run” feeling that some folks adore.

A screenshot from Imperishable Memories. several messily characters, some with low poly clothing on their 2D bodies, stand in apparent confrontation with one another.

Imperishable Thoughts is currently just a few days into its Kickstarter campaign. However, it’s fairly far along in the development process. The full game is currently set to release as early as August 2018. For those who can’t wait, or who want to check the game out before investing, there’s also a playable demo available for download.

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