Snowday captures that feeling of stepping into a fresh snowfall. It’s not just about the crunch underfoot. It’s the way that a crisp, white coat can highlight small details that go unnoticed when we get used to our daily surroundings. The brightness of a cardinal, the bobbing of a cozy hat and scarf, tree branches weighed down by thousands upon thousands of individual snowflakes.

Jon Tiburzi created Snowday in just 3 days as part of Ludum Dare 38.


Taking Time to Stop and Smell The Snow

In addition to walking and jumping, all while leaving footprints on the otherwise flawless ground, players can take a moment to just look up. Your character turns their pixelated head skywards as flakes flutter past them. Your eye is drawn to the sky and the silhouettes of distant mountains. It’s calm. Everything is calmer in the snow.

Returning back to your little wood cabin, your character steps inside and switches on the light. How they spend their Snowday is open to your imagination, but I like to think it was a good book and a warm cup of cocoa.

Snowday is available to download for free on

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