A few weeks ago I wrote about small, an interactive poem with a lower-case title that fit with its soft spoken attitude. CLOUD NINE, with its brash capital letters, is in some ways a natural opposite.

CLOUD NINE is an interactive music video. Rather than dealing in small’s quiet words, it serves an upbeat, exciting tune. One which accompanies you as you walk among the palm trees and ferns of this sunny island.

Rocking & Rolling While You’re Strolling


Scattered among the natural beauty are neon green cubes that seem to dance right along with you. Touching one will send you spiraling skyward, the whole island spreading out below you, before gently landing you in a new area to explore.

It’s an extremely cheerful way to spend a few minutes banishing the cold February blues. This small game with a big title is definitely worth shouting about.

CLOUD NINE is available to download for free on itch.io.

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