Billed as equal parts shooter, platformer, stealth exploration, and puzzle game, AREA has high aspirations for itself. But take even a cursory glance at gameplay clips and it’s easy to see that this very unique experience could actually bring all of those elements into one exciting game.

Players take on the roll of an investigator from Tycho Technologies. The company has discovered a place on Earth hidden by an invisibility field. They call it Area. Here, players navigate their way through levels using a special weapon that can shoot plasma, manipulate gravity, and create floating walkways. 

New rules for physics

The game relies heavily on physics, but doesn’t play by the same rules as the rest of the universe. Players can push objects using plasma, or pull them using gravity. Alternatively, use the gun’s functions simultaneously for maximum chaos. 

Players use their gun to help them collect objects called eggs, in order to progress between levels. Enemies such as drones and floating robots will try to stop players from getting the eggs, but with the powers of Tycho Technologies’ gun, there are plenty of creative ways to evade them.

AREA’s being created by Spinning Brain, a one man developer who has previously released the game, CatBoxRun. AREA looks quite a bit more ambitious, so the developer has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,855.