After a chilly winter, I find myself waiting in anticipation of warmer seasons where the world outside isn’t an Arctic tundra. Until then, Tala and the Flower Seed is the perfect game to cozy up to.

Developer, The Garden Well has released a short demo for the game as part of their current Kickstarter campaign. Tala and the Flower Seed is an exploration puzzle game where you play as a child called Tala. After finding a seed, Tala decides to plant it. With the advice and help of the village folk, players explore and find items to help the seed grow. The pocket sized demo offers just enough to feel the promised vibe of the full game.

A Wander Through the Foliage

Tala’s artist & animator, Matthew Petrak, has taken photographs from nature and combined them with traditional animation techniques. This gives Tala a personal and comforting aesthetic. It blends wonderfully with the game’s autumnal, warm colour pallet, and friendly village feel. The acoustic guitar soundtrack (composed by Cody Rueger), makes Tala and the Flower Seed feel positively homey.

If you loved the tiny terrariums of Samorost and Tiny Echo then you should definitely play the demo. Also, consider donating to the Kickstarter so Tala and the Flower Seed can grow to its full potential.


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Rachel is a freelance videogame writer from London. Wandering from the world of cinema into the realm of videogames, she is mostly interested in 'stop and smell the flowers' kind of games and enjoys tending to her virtual plants.

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