Sometimes I gaze outside my window and marvel at the incomprehensible beauty of the natural world. Then I think, nope. I’ve got books to read and games to play. Also, outside contains wasps. But books? Books are the best. Video games are also the best. I appreciate that this hierarchy is both arbitrary and completely impossible, but here we are. There are two best things, each one equally as best as the other.

French Publisher Third Editions are following up on a hugely successful Kickstarter with a second round of crowdfunding to bring their video game inspired books into the world. Based on Final Fantasy VIII, Dark Souls, and The Legend of Zelda, these beautiful hardbacks are packed with lore, secrets, and insights into design. Also, not a wasp in sight.

Third Editions Books

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Third Editions’ previous crowdfunding effort resulted in the English translations of their first three books in the series, on Dark Souls, Zelda, and Final Fantasy VII. Each was absolutely packed with great stuff on their chosen game, and I mean, just look at them. I’m scared to even remove the shrink wrapping from mine. I’ve just been caressing them gently like a beloved pet.

Third Editions Books


Backers of the current Kickstarter¬†campaign can get rewards including a book of their choosing, two, or all three, in digital or physical form. Again, I’m usually an ebook person because I like to save shelf space for the incredible amount of alcohol I need to keep nearby at all times to survive the waking nightmare that is freelance game journalism, but I’m willing to make an exception for these guys.

Third Editions Books

Stretch Goals already unlocked include dust jackets, bookmarks, and gorgeous lithographs like the one pictured above. Third Editions are also offering special collector’s edition bundles to higher tier backers. I’m going to stop writing and thinking about these books now because I need to save money for food to not die. You can check out the campaign here, and if you happen to have any spare cash lying around, I know a freelance games journalist who really, really likes books. It’s me. Buy me these books. Please.



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