I’m not going to lie, Ooblets was by far and away my most anticipated game of EGX Rezzed – and it did not disappoint.

The critter collecting, battle training, and farming simulator combo has consistently looked beautiful, charming, and funny, and its demo was no exception. In fact, I was taken by how hard it leans into its chosen aesthetic, with every detail committed to matching the vibe. Characters dance hilariously when almost anything of note happens; the ooblets themselves (those are the aforementioned adorable critters) can be dressed up in any number of delightful outfits; and everything is just saturated with the pastel cuteness of the art style.


In short, the game cares nothing for disaffected irony or worrying about looking awkward or silly. It’s purposefully joyful and cute, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

A Handle on the Basics

The demo was essentially the beginning of the game, with character creation (which looks fantastically detailed and carefully avoids limiting your choices) and then the player turning up at the town where they’ll be farming and nurturing their ooblets (and themselves). You meet a few colourful characters, including your very first ooblet companion (or “followbaby” as they’re wonderfully called in game), an aptly named Shrumbo, and get the basics on agriculture and training.

It was enough to make me even more excited about stepping into this jubilant world when the game releases sometime later this year.

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