Lake Ridden is an upcoming narrative game centred on 13 year old Marie, who is searching for her missing sister in the Maine wilderness.

Their recent press demo had me exploring an attic, solving puzzles to move forward. They were smartly balanced – not too tricky, but it was welcome to have some paper to take notes. The attic itself was an intriguing area, with books and other objects hinting at the lives of its previous occupants, which the full game will presumably explore further as it unravels the story of Marie, her sister, and the mysteries of the area.

lake ridden

No More Jump Scares

An alternative demo saw players walking through a dark but gorgeous forest, building the atmosphere that Lake Ridden is founded on. Though initially intended to be a horror game, the developers changed tack after player feedback and decided to focus on mystery without being too spooky.

Players will be able to unravel the story and puzzles themselves when the game launches this spring.

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