Morkredd is interesting because its monochrome aesthetic and the menacing dark that players must avoid contrasts cleanly with how much I laughed playing it.

You’d expect a game with this kind of aesthetic to be tense, and it is, to an extent. But with two to four player co-op, it’s usually another person who causes you to step outside of the light and instantly wisp into nothingness, and that kind of chaos is hilarious.

morkreddStick to the Light

Players, as strange, angular shadows, must move a glowing orb through darkened levels without entering the darkness themselves. It’s a simple enough concept, (the game was originally created for a one week game jam) but it can quickly escalate in narrow corridors and tricky geometries, or simply because you cast a long, wide shadow behind you and it’s hard to keep track of where everyone is.


The game is playable alone (with two characters, one controlled by each analogue stick) but my impression from the demo is that having four people grouped together around a single screen, joking about who killed whom, is the best way to play by far.

Morkredd will release later this year with both a campaign and online multiplayer.

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