Lost Ember has some of the most adorable animals in games I’ve ever seen – especially the wombats.

And to make it better, you get to play as these cute critters. Beginning as a wolf, you meet a strange spirit who seems to be seeking out memories from his past. You, too, have fragmentary flashbacks, and together the two of you will attempt to unravel your personal histories, as well as the story of a civilisation long past.

Environmental Exploration

But in order to do so, your wolf spirit will have to inhabit the spirit of many other animals. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so wiggling under logs as a wombat will quickly become flying high as a hummingbird, or swimming upstream as a fish. Each has its own way to move through the overgrown world they inhabit, allowing the player to explore the gorgeous environments while also moving forwards through the story.

lost ember

It also allows Lost Ember to create different atmospheres – the gentle underwater swimming of the fish is much more tranquil than racing through the scrub as a wolf, for example.

The developers from Mooneye promised that there are about fourteen animals in the game at the moment, but they’re hoping to include a couple more by the time the game launches this autumn.

Their favourite? Apparently it always changes depending on which one they’ve been working on or play testing most recently.

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Jay Castello

Jay Castello

Jay is a freelance games writer specialising in intersectional feminist critique, how to improve games and use them to improve the world, and cute dogs. She loves inhabiting digital spaces in all their forms, and being constantly surprised by just how weird and wonderful games can be.
Jay Castello