Minit is already a cute little game about a funny-looking duck going on a series of 60-second adventures. However, the most adorable thing about the game might lie outside of the game itself, in its elegantly designed website.

Mainly developed by a group of just four people, Minit aims to be a comical yet clever take on games such as The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening by giving you a sword that takes you back to your last spawn point after holding it for a minute. Far from becoming annoying, this mechanic leads to a series of clever puzzles that are easy to digest.

Matching the elegant simplicity of the game itself, the official website isn’t overly complex. The top row includes links to the different platforms, official trailer, and soundtrack.

Here’s the Cute Part

Below that bar, you’ll find the cute hero of Minit relaxing in his humble black-and-white, 8-bit house. He has a cute dog, a fireplace, bed, table, a few pictures, and of course, a pot. But if you scroll down, he will actually start walking downwards, staying in the same spot on the screen as the environment moves. He even has his cute walking animation, hopping up and down with each leg counting as a single white pixel!

Once you step outside of the house, the entire screen opens up to show the overworld. There’s a tree stump, a flowing river, your mailbox, bushes, and even two crabs that you could surely fight in the actual game, although they never cross your path here.

If you keep scrolling, you’ll eventually get into a boat with another character, swaying back and forth on the waves. Eventually, you’ll run into the only paragraph of text on the page, briefly detailing the game’s premise.

Finally, you’ll get off the boat and land on a new island, where your hero will stop right in front of a moving crab. If you continue scrolling, you’ll leave your hero behind, showing the developers and various logos.

This is a perfect representation of the game itself, and a great way to lure potential players in. With only a short paragraph actually describing the game, the rest is left to this cute little walk through Minit’s opening area to show you what the game is about.

Minit is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and as of August 9, the Nintendo Switch. You can read our look into the game by Keenan McCall, who writes, “From its monochrome art style, to its mechanics and sound design, the [at the time] upcoming 2D adventure game Minit is worth getting excited for.”

Joseph Stanichar
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Joseph Stanichar