No Longer Home is an episodic point-and-click by developer Humble Grove that incorporates magical realism into the lives of of college graduates. You play as the freshly graduated Bo and Ao as they prepare to move out of their apartment and finally face adulthood head on.

Drawing from the experiences of Humble Grove’s two lead developers Cel Davidson and Hannah Lee, this first chapter of what will be an ongoing series, named 29, is set in a small apartment in South East London.

You get a feel for who Bo and Ao are as you wander through the cosy, rotatable rooms of their intimate shared apartment. Examining their belongings is often a reality-distorting trip, revealing their inner thoughts and unique perspectives on life. Who Bo and Ao really are is for you to decide, as much of what they say and do is open to your own interpretation.

As well as very real adult concerns, Bo and Ao are also confronted with Lu, the giant, five-eyed monster who insists he’s their new roommate. Funnily enough, the weirdest thing about Lu is how not weird he is – he’s just a regular guy. Together they hang out with friends, play games, have barbecues and stay up late talking about life.

Magic in the Mundane

No Longer Home takes a frank and personal approach to the limbo between being a student and being a grown-up. Our protagonists have the world ahead of them, but along with that sense of possibility comes uncertainty.

Despite its serene look and feel, there’s a constant undercurrent of unease that pervades throughout the game. This especially kicks in during the more magical moments, imbuing even the dull parts of everyday life, like getting out of bed and mooching around the apartment, with an otherworldliness.

No Longer Home has already met its Kickstarter goal of £25,000 and is set to launch next year on Windows, Mac and Linux, with 29 being free to download.

If you’re interested or even on the fence you should check out Humble Grove’s previous game Friary Road. It’s a spiritual prequel to No Longer Home and is available for free on

Naomi Harrington

Naomi Harrington

Naomi Harrington lives in London and has been a fan of games ever since she was old enough to hold a Game Boy. While she loves all genres she's currently going though a pretty hardcore soulslike phase. When she's not playing games or writing about them she spends most of her time writing fiction and watching horror movies.
Naomi Harrington