Autumn is here which means Halloween is right around the corner.  This is the perfect time to check out the new horror title, The Conjuring House. Just from watching the introduction and trailer you know that you are in for a freaky time.

The Conjuring House takes place at the House of Atkinson. From news articles and the radio you find out that it’s owner Dwight Shaw has died. The circumstances around his death are interesting. How can he be alive the night before, but by the next day the body is completely decomposed? This isn’t the first time odd things have happened here.  3 years earlier 8 teenagers disappeared in the house with no trace. Then before that a satanic cult killed 80 people in demonic rituals. People have named the manor “Conjuring House” due to the demons that must possess it. So clearly the best way to get rid of demons is have a good old bonfire.

Conjuring House Menu

Sssshhhhhhh, be quiet, you have to hide..

A group of paranormal investigators went to the “Conjuring House” and this is where your story starts. Well you start off running. You start as Robert, one of the paranormal investigators. He is being chased by an evil entity and has been hurt. The heavy breathing makes it feel so tense. You have to find somewhere to hide. There has to be a way out of here.

Conjuring House no escape

So many keys to find!

As you progress in the game you have to search the house of the other members of the team. You have to make sure to examine everything.  Multiple boxes and doors have locks on them that you need to find keys for.  The locked doors have zodiac sign names. Which makes me think there are at least 12.  Many areas in this mansion are locked. So you have to keep an eye out for those keys.

Am I Seeing Things?

The house seems deserted but creepy things keep happening. Things move, people appear and disappear, doors slam. It’s freaky! Plus it’s incredibly dark so look for the flashlight.  The paranormal investigators left a book of drawings and notes. 5 artifacts are listed that are located in the mansion. These need to be destroyed by fire. If you want to get rid of the demon lady.  Starts off creepy but in an hour it’s quite terrifying.  I got anxious having to open doors, just because I don’t know what is waiting on the other side.

Conjuring House Monster

So if you like survival horror games The Conjuring House may be for you. Or if you like tense, scary games. Just be sure that your computer can run it. As I had a few issues of lag. Also be sure to enter safe rooms to save your game. Be sure to close the door behind you. You never know who will follow you in…

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